Tv 7


TV7 is a Bulgarian television channel, owned by Alegro Capital LTD. It airs entertainment programs, TV series and films, and is also the first Bulgarian station to broadcast in widescreen PAL (16:9, although the aspect ratio is usually left as 4:3, making the image appearing vertically elongated on normal TV sets). The channel is available terrestrially in over 50 cities and towns, thus comprising the fifth national free-to-view TV network in Bulgaria and also on cable television and satellite. In August 2007 TV7 launched two sister channels: Super7 and Sport7 – a kids and a sports channel. Sport7, which was made in partnership with the digital television operatorCabletel was closed in 2009 due to problems with sponsorship. The channel was resumed in 2013. In 2010 the channels changed their graphic design and logos. The channel, along with News7 and Sport7 holds the rights to the Bulgarian Football Championship. On 18 March 2012 the channel changed their graphic design and logos again and began broadcasting in 16:9. On 3 March 2013 it launched a sister news channel – News7.